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Boston Buckwheat GmbH

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    We want to establish ''Boston Buckwheat GmbH'' as a family business headquartered in Germany that sources packed roasted buckwheat, fast-cook buckwheat, popped buckwheat, buckwheat-based instant meals, as well as buckwheat protein bars and shakes in Russia and exports them to the United States and later Europe (Germany, Scandinavia, and the United Kingdom) in order to market them there as a healthy, protein-rich superfood.
    Boston Buckwheat will become a brand known for healthy, tasty, protein-rich, and easy-to-cook food based on roasted buckwheat. The brand's story, product line, and packaging are tailored to elite customers in the US and later in Europe who are as likely do groceries online as offline in premium retail stores. Such an offer does not presently exist. Our products are great for urban wealthy millennials and Gen-Z who are interested in new superfoods but do not want to compromise taste and are interested in quick-cook options; for functional eaters and athletes who look for nutritious energy sources; and for vegans who are in constant search for tasty protein products.