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Bruchstraße 7
Düsseldorf 40235
+49 157 54728276
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    Dayblizz is a social media app for creating, sharing and optionally monetizing content. That means creators can share their content for free for promotional causes and / or put it behind a paywall. To monetize, creators can set up differently priced monthly subscriptions with perks such as physical goods (e.g. autograph cards), digital content or other benefits, like a videocall. That way fans can gain cool benefits, connect
    with their favourite creators and artists can make a dependable
    monthly income from their content creation. This is just the first step on our road. Besides the subscription model, we‘re making more monetization options, helpful ressources and exclusive partnerships available to creators in the future. We‘ve also set out to improve social media vastly for the normal user as well in the longterm. It‘s our vision to create a social media app that can truly connect people with each other, while having an unequaled support system for creators, to help them make everyone‘s day a happier one.