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  • IT Systems, Hardware and Software
c/o DB mindbox
Holzmarktstraße 6-9
Berlin 10179
+49 172 3579721
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    outsmart.ai offers AI-powered software robots, so-called AI Workers, that automate repetitive office tasks for corporate clients and learn through human-AI teamwork. AI Workers can take over back-office processes such as automatically processing incoming orders, routing and responding to customer service requests or any other task involving unstructured data (e.g., emails, paper forms or PDFs) by using cognitive intelligence. Our MVP is already used by several paying customers (incl. Deutsche Bahn AG) and we partner with VISA/Spielfeld to automate operations in financial services. The founding team behind outsmart.ai have already previously build a B2B analytics startup called Minodes together, which was acquired by Telefónica with 50 employees in 2017.